What we do

Internal Business Disputes

Along with the many benefits of partnership and shareholder agreements, there is also potential for disputes to arise. Know how to protect yourself.

Commercial Disputes

Have you put your trust in a professional and been let down by their products or services? Find out what courses of action are available to you.

Court Support

Looking to sue or in another business’s line of fire and at risk of lawsuit? Find out what steps you need to take to ensure you’re protected.

Litigation Focus
We’ve got you covered both in and out of the court room. We’re experts in mediation through to court room prosecution and defence.
Commercially Minded
We take a hands on approach to delivering your the best commercial outcomes, supporting turn around or minimising the losses of a downfall.
We keep our finger on the industry pulse to stay ahead of the game, meaning forward-thinking legal advice for you, always.
Your Lawyers For Life
We’re here for the long run and your partners in business. Choose RCR Litigation and you’ll look forward to a brighter commercial future.
In Your Language
We ensure you understand your circumstance. When you’re facing crippling debt and the future looks dismal, we give you people, not disconnected corporates.
National Presence
Despite our hubs being in Brisbane and Sydney, we have a national presence, meaning we’re available exactly where and when you need us.

Real people. Real litigation lawyers.

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